I love Discus Fish!!!

I have grown to love fish. One of the things I love about my fish is the calmness I get from watching them in them tank. I have discus fish and I had to get a specific tank form the and they love their discus tank! I didn’t grow up having exotic fish but the first time I had the chance to purchase a fish I knew it would be a discus.

Every fish is different and so is it’s temperament. This is why you need to learn to care for discus fish. Once you are educated on the proper way to take. Care of one then you are on your way to a wonderful relationship with your beautiful pet. Keeping discus fish is easier than you might think but you need to learn the nuances of the discus fish.

If you are thinking of buying a discus fish then you should go ahead and do it that way you can enjoy these beautiful fish. They will bring a lot of joy and peace in your home. Another great reason why should purchase a discus fish is of the entertainment value. They are a great conversation starter and can really entertain a lot of people at your parties.

I have been able to meet a lot of unusual and great people because of my fish. If only my fish knew the conversations and wonderful relationships that have been formed because of these beautiful and unique fish.

Buying a discus fish can really enhance your life in many unique ways. I think the investment will be returned many times over if you purchase these. Imagine: meeting new people, enhancing current relationships, and getting peace in your home all through these cool fish. I now have a whole tank full of these because they have so enhanced my life!

Best Beer Accessory

beerpichi guys welcome back to my new blog on beer and life.  A lot of my friends ask me what is the best beer accessory out there, and I must say that my favorite beer accessory has to be the mini kegerator.  I love it because it is not big and bulk like a normal sized kegerator, but it can keep a min keg cold and fresh for a long time.  I also like it because it is an easily portable kegerator that you can take around from party to party without worrying about killing your back in the process!  Those normal size kegerators can be a pain to lug around from place to place!

In my opinion the best kegerator has to be the mini!  Don’t take my word for it thought…if you have a minute make sure you check out a lot of the reviews that are out there.  They can be very helpful in your search for the right kegerator for you!

Another item I like to recommend to my friends is a metal beverage tub.  If you want to be able to serve a variety of different kinds of cold beers to your family and friends then you can’t go wrong than having a big tub of beer.  There are a lot of advantages of having a big tub full of beer.  They are easy to transport and they can keep your beer cold for a long time!

There are a lot of different accessories out there that you can purchase for your drinking beer pleasure, but these are my favorite and they have brought a lot of fun in my home and at the parties I’ve attended!

What are some of the beer accessories that you have enjoyed?  Please feel free to share with me as I’m always looking for something new to try!

Welcome to The Bobby T. Blog

Hi Everyone…my name is Bobby T., and welcome to my blog.  One of my favorite things in this world to do is to write and write about my different experiences in life.  This isn’t my first website, but this is the first one dedicated solely to my life’s passions.  One of my biggest passions is drinking beer, so if you share that same passion then you are going to love this site!  Come back often to check out more beer filled posts!